AppDetectivePro is a database scanning and vulnerability assessment solution
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AppDetectivePro is the standard for corporate auditors and IT advisors as it is a database scanning and vulnerability assessment solution. A thorough examination of the databases that store and process critical business information is a critical component of any IT audit; AppDetectivePro enables auditors and advisors to complete the task quickly, reliably, and cost effectively.

Manually assessing the security posture of a database is a complex task that requires expertise and significant resources. Manually measuring and demonstrating compliance with industry and government regulations is even more difficult. By equipping your staff with AppDetectivePro™, you will immediately and significantly reduce the complexity of these tasks. IT auditors and advisors, regardless of skill level, will be enabled to perform easy and repeatable database security assessments, capture all results for manual control checks, and generate compliance reports.

It consists of three distinct functional modules:
- Database Discovery
- Database Vulnerability Assessment
- User Rights Review

Key features:
- Automated database discovery and inventory
- Database-specific vulnerability assessment
- Compliance work plans and policies
- Industry leading database vulnerability knowledgebase
- Concurrent database scanning
- Deep analysis of user and role permissions
- Advanced, customizable reporting
- Easy to deploy, configure and use

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